MAC is the sole programming board on campus. They are responsible for the acclaimed campus traditions like Homecoming and E-Days as well as other popular events like Oktoberfest, movie nights, comedians, tailgates, and block parties. MAC is comprised of 9 undergraduates whose primary passion is developing a signature experience for students while they are at Mines.

Keep it weird! 


Lauren Wilson

The president facilitates weekly meetings, defines long and short term MAC goals, acts as treasurer, plans and executes MAC Hiring and general processes as well as acts as liaison to the rest of campus.


E-Days Chair

Victoria Martinez-Vivot

The E-Days Chair budgets, plans, and schedules all E-Days events with a committee of over 100 students. The chair is also in charge of negotiating and managing all sponsorships and sub committees.

Homecoming & Friday Afternoon Club Chair

Meagan Lundgren

The Homecoming and Friday Afternoon Club Chair plans all MAC Homecoming events and oversees each of the events during the weekend. In addition, they are in charge of Comedians, Magicians, and other Friday Afternoon Events


Off Campus Special Events Chair

Ian Randall

Off-Campus Chair sells tickets at a discounted price to students for various activities such as sporting events, concerts, or museums in the local area. In addition, they plan events off campus to expose students to new places and experiences!


On Campus Special Events Chair

Claire Bailey


Special Events Chair is responsible for all of our unique events on campus that don't fall anywhere else including our annual Block Parties and Oktoberfest!


Outreach and Athletics Chair

Maia Warner

Outreach chair is in charge of all of outreach related to MAC. They act as the liaison between USG and the governing bodies as well finding ways to work with other organizations to plan events.

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Michael Maxwell

Publicity Chair advertises all MAC events and organizes promotional events.



Andrew Hellman

Publicity Chair advertises all MAC events and organizes promotional events.



Dan Topham

Movie Night chair runs the free MAC movies on Friday Nights and other special Movie Events across campus.

MAC Intern

Jaxon McNeil

MAC Intern helps organize volunteers for all MAC's events which includes the larger Homecoming and E-Days celebrations.

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Kelsi Streich

Director of Student Activities for Campus Programs and Leadership Development. She helps us with everything we do!